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We are the ultimate online destination for busy, people of all ages. Over the years we’ve worked hard to create a wide breadth of original features, along with thousands of inspirational cooking ideas. From the latest wellbeing news to afternoon tea ideas we’ve got you covered!
We’ve also built up a huge collection of fuss-free recipes and how to cook guides, many of which have been created by celebrity chefs – such as Mary Berry, Gordon Ramsey, Joe Wicks, Hairy Bikers and Nadiya Hussain. We specialize in healthy family meals and cheap healthy meals. In our video series, How to Cook Absolutely Everything we teamed up with some of the nation’s best restaurateurs, and chefs, including Honest Burger’s Tom Barton, Master chef winner Tim Anderson, and the king of pasta Theo Randall.


I love food! I’m always either eating it or thinking about what I’m going to eat next. I was raised by a very health conscious vegetarian mother and I was always jealous of the junk food my friends had at their houses. I was also pretty embarrassed about the sprouts sticking out of my sandwiches at lunch time. These days I’ve learned to embrace healthy food and even willingly put sprouts on my sandwiches.

Here, you are going to find lots of healthy, easy and delicious meals that all happen to be vegetarian, mostly gluten free, and predominately vegan. I have a one year old son so I’m all about quick, easy and make ahead meals. I love developing 30 minute dinner recipes and make ahead breakfasts to make your life much easier!

I strongly believe that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland, boring or complicated. In fact, it’s just the opposite! I’m here to show you that there are so much amazing things you can do with plant based ingredients.

I went strictly gluten free about 4 years ago in order to clear up some stomach issues. It helped some, but not 100% so these days I try to focus on foods that are naturally gluten free, but do eat gluten on occasion. I try to only share recipes that can easily be adapted to gluten free, if they aren’t already.

I grew up eating a vegetarian diet, but strayed from it for many years. I’ve recently come back to it and have been feeling great! I’ve even managed to get my husband mostly on board , which is a huge win. My body feels great eating this way and I love coming up with flavorful and delicious plant based meals to share with you. I’m not 100% vegan, but I really enjoy creating vegan friendly recipes so you will see a lot of them here.

Want to know more? A few random facts about me:

I’m obsessed with chips and somehow I managed to marry the one person in the world who can’t stand the sound of crunching, I still love him though, and hopefully he still loves me!
I love avocados! I eat them on bread, chips, pizza, salads, sandwiches, pretty much everything!